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The Best Vegan Easter Chocolate for 2019

Posted by No Whey Foods on Feb 13th 2019

The Best Vegan Easter Chocolate for 2019


Here at No Whey Chocolate, our sole mission is carefully crafting the most delicious vegan chocolate possible. We understand the frustration of food allergies and respect the desire to avoid animal products by choosing dairy-free alternatives. Chocolate, being formally made from dairy is not on the acceptable eating list if you're vegan or have dairy, nut, soy or other allergies. Holiday's like Easter make this especially tough for some people, with all of the delicious milk chocolates being shared and enjoyed. Thankfully we have the solutions! This coming Easter 2019 is no match for our 100% vegan Easter chocolate!

Why Dairy Free Easter Chocolate?

If you reading this are vegan or are allergic/ intolerant to dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, nuts, or any of the common eight food allergens, GOOD NEWS! We've got you covered with our dairy free Easter chocolate, completely free of all these allergens! Easter has been a time of celebration and feasting as well as many different traditions such as rolling eggs downhill (mostly in the UK), egg decorating, egg scavenger hunts and lots of chocolate Easter candy! This is a pleasant time for all of us who love our sweets, and with our selection of vegan Easter chocolate and allergy free Easter candy, vegans and allergic consumers alike never need to feel left out again.

Our Allergy Free Easter Candy

Every ingredient that we bring into our facility to craft our allergy free Easter candy is closely scrutinized and randomly lab tested to ensure that it is indeed safe for allergic consumers. Our products range from milk-free, milk like chocolate to vegan white chocolate to Reese's TM peanut butter alternatives to anything else you can imagine! The dairy free chocolate and dairy free white chocolate are great whether you have food allergies, are vegan, or are just trying to eat healthier! For this vegan Easter, we have a wide variety of vegan Easter chocolate for you to choose from. We've got our super popular vegan chocolate bunnies, vegan chocolate eggs, chocolate lollipops, Easter truffle collection and our bite-sized, allergy free Easter candy filled eggs for scavenger hunts!

New Vegan Easter Candy for 2019

Our latest vegan Easter candy releases for this Easter include "Chip," our stylish new vegan milk-like chocolate bunny, hand-piped with our Polar Dream vegan white chocolate to being his features to life! Also brand new is "Cottontail," our beautiful vegan white chocolate bunny! She stands tall with her sleek white chocolate appearance and exquisite detail! For this Easter, our super popular M&M alternatives, Chocolate No-No's have also been brought some new light! Now you can get our No-No's inside a printed egg, which when opened up reveals our mini chocolatey delights! Perfect for kids and scavenger hunts!

So go ahead and take back control of your Easter with our vegan and allergy-free Easter candy. Check out our latest vegan Easter chocolates for 2019 by clicking the link below!