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Product Spotlight: No Whey Bar!

Posted by No Whey Foods on May 18th 2020

Product Spotlight: No Whey Bar!

Ahh, it's Monday again...Nothin' a little chocolate can't fix! These are our famous "No Whey" bars before they are packaged! How do they look?

We posted this photo on our social media pages (Psst...follow us! @NoWheyChocolate) and we were so lucky to learn that this bar is either your favorite or one of your favorites! If you haven't tried it yet, people say that it is similar to a Snickers TM bar or a Milkyway TM (but of course, ours is Vegan, allergy-friendly, all natural, Kosher and gluten-free!). One bite into a No Whey bar and it will transport you to the depths of a chocolate fantasy. The inside is layered with our famous PeaNOT nougat and velvety, vegan caramel. Is your mouth watering yet?
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