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What Will The Easter Bunny Bring?

Posted by No Whey Foods on Mar 9th 2021

What Will The Easter Bunny Bring?

Hello Every-Bunny! We have received a lot of messages asking, "is it too early to place my Easter order?" and the short answer is NOPE! We encourage customers to order early when in peak-holiday season for a few reasons. 1) our chocolate has a 1 year shelf life! you don't have to worry about the state of the chocolate when for the day of the holiday. 2) We are human! sometimes when we ship orders, we make a mistake. Or when the post person delivers your package, they didn't handle it with enough care. If we send you the wrong product on the off chance, or your product arrives damaged, this gives us time to resolve the issue! 3) it ensures you will have your items in hand in time for your special holiday. Thank you for your support! Although we are growing, we are still a small team and working every day to deliver you the best quality vegan, allergy-friendly, gluten free, all natural chocolates!