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Delectable Easter-Inspired Vegan Dinners to Try This Year

Posted by No Whey Foods on Feb 19th 2018

Delectable Easter-Inspired Vegan Dinners to Try This Year

Another big holiday is on the horizon, which means if you’re a vegan, you’re already starting to panic. Easter is characterized by mountains of chocolate, ham, and other meat and dairy-filled dishes that you just don’t want to appease. Thanks to the versatility of vegan cooking, it’s possible to whip up an entire vegan Easter dinner without anyone batting an eye.

Here are some Easter-inspired vegan dinners to indulge in this year:

1.Spring stuffing: Without butter, stuffing is mainly vegan! Throw together your favorite spices with bread, vegan broth, and vegetables, slow cooked in the oven until your stuffing is crisp and tender.

2.Sweet potato pancakes: When we think of spring, we think of lighter veggie-based flavors. Sweet potato perfectly complements any Easter dinner. Whip out some sweet potato pancakes fried in oil for your guests.

3.Salad: Yes, come April, people are receptive to salad with beach season on the horizon. Get creative with a slew of salad spreads, utilizing the fun flavors of arugula, pine nuts, cranberries, and more.

As always, don’t forget to top the evening off with some vegan sweets. We’re providing an entire line of No Whey Easter chocolate, made with you and your vegan consumption in mind.