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3 Reasons to Have a Vegan Valentine’s Day

Posted by No Whey Foods on Jan 15th 2018

3 Reasons to Have a Vegan Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and eating health conscious doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can save the planet, invest in sustainability, and show affection through chocolate this February. If this is something you’re interested in, here’s 3 reasons to have a vegan Valentine’s Day:

1.Cruelty-Free: If you want to save the planet and enjoy Valentine’s Day this year, consider our No Whey Chocolate products. Sourced from zero animal byproducts, no living creatures were harmed or abused in the making of our products.

2.Sustainability: Animal slaughtering and byproducts destroy the planet through waste and emissions. Since our chocolates required none of that, you’re contributing to sustainability while enjoying our delectable chocolates. Who knew that saving the world could be so tasty?

3.Personal Health: If anything, eating vegan is healthier for you. Milk-free, dairy-free, and soy-free products are lower in fat, yet just as delicious and enticing. You can enjoy the decadence of chocolate and actually tell yourself you’re eating healthier – especially on Valentine’s Day.

If you want to celebrate a Valentine’s Day that has more meaning than love, consider a vegan approach when picking out those perfect chocolates for your special sweetheart.